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Ash Securities is a Security Company in Kent WA which provides unarmed security services

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Ash Securities is a dedicated unarmed security company in Kent, WA. We offer all types of services to various industries. As a top security service for a leasing in Kent, we have the ideal assets to ensure protection in a complete package. With our various unarmed security services in Kent, Washington, it is possible to get the idea protection without arousing any unwanted attention.

Ash Securities understands the need for discretion. We use different types of security services and advisory to ensure our clients remain safe and undisturbed. It allows us to bring the most suitable unarmed security services in Kent that ensure our customers get what they require to live in a safe environment. With Ash Securities at service, our esteemed clients can keep their focus on leading a healthy lifestyle in Kent, Washington.


Get the top unarmed security specialists in Kent, WA to prevent security risks

Ash Securities provides qualified, trained and licensed unarmed security guards in Kent, to give you the confidence and protection you need at your site. Our security personnel determine the best security strategies for your worksite and provide you with the most effective security solution that fits your budget. We work with your current security structures, like monitoring and alarm systems, to provide the necessary active response needed in the event of a security breach or emergency. Whether it’s the protection of leasing buildings in Kent or warehouse security in Kent, WA, we have the training and dispositions to handle all kinds of security risks.

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